Moment of Truth

Well today is my moment of truth.

Today I see my nutritionist again for the first time since our first meeting on June 1. It’s the day that I learn whether or not if her plan has worked at all. It’s the first day since June 1 that I “count” my weigh in and see if I’ve lost any body fat. I don’t know if I feel indifferent or if I’m just trusting the process, either way I’m not sweating it like I would have been 6 months ago.

I’m hoping my lack of freak out is just because my life, while still crazy busy and stressful, is more at peace. So I’m not going to overthink this one and just go with it. I like this new headspace, it’s a good fit for me. I like not freaking out about “omg am I doing this wrong? Am I going to fail? Etc etc”

Another reason why I think this new plan is working is because as crazy as it sounds, I’m thankful for my little monthly visitor. Yep, when I started doing intermittent fasting (eat whatever you want whenever you want on alternating days. AND I was working out super super intensely, cardio AND lifting weights. I completely stopped having a period. Thinking I was developing menopausal symptoms, my PCP started running a gaulet of tests, only to find, thankfully….nothing abnormal… reason for my periods to stop. In fact, she was convinced I wasn’t perimenopausal because I’m only 40. Fast forward to my nutrition consult on June 1 and Kim explained to me all the reasons why intermittent fasting is bad and one of those reasons is that it messes with hormonal balance. When I told her my periods had stopped for no medical reason, she said it’s because I stopped eating eery 3 hours and my hormones are out of whack.

So, even if I haven’t lost a pound, my period has official started back up. Making me think, “ok Kim knows what she’s talking about” Oh plus, my workouts, while still happening 6 days a week are COMPLETELY different than when I was in Missouri.

All of this to say, I NEED this new way of eating and life to work long term and I’m pretty sure it’s going to, but today is my moment of truth…..Here’s hoping that I’m on the right track and have lost some body fat %

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