Confession Time

I’ll be honest. I failed a bit today. My original plan/goal was to NOT weigh until I weigh in with my nutritionist on June 22, but my BP has been so amazing (when it’s high and unstable I’ve typically gained weight) and I just feel lighter, more comfortable in my own skin. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve completely let go of counting calories. So much so that I have deleted my calorie tracking account on my computer AND my phone. I’ve also completely scaled back my workouts, per my nutritionist. Yes it’s been VERY hard to trust this process. Letting go of EVERYTHING I’ve known as “success” for the last year and tip toeing out into this unknown world of eating healthy but with variety and enjoying my gym time has not only been a huge blessing but is apparently paying off!!

I jumped on my gym’s scale for a couple of reasons….curiosity but also I HATE my current gym situation and I like their scale, it’s one of the only two things I like about their gym….lol, anyway, my plan is to find another gym to start working out in ASAP so I knew I wouldn’t be able to jump on their scale after June 22. So I jumped on today. At this point, I’m down 8lbs since June 2. While that’s nice and all, it’s not my ultimate price. My ultimate prize is getting my body fat % down to 20ish, which I won’t know how much, if any bf I’ve lost until my appointment with Kim on June 22.

I can tell you as of today that the scale really no longer has the hold on me that it once did!! I have a newfound peace that is coming with moving out of college life mode in Missouri into grownup adult life that is coming with our move to Texas. I seriously feel like I am slowly finding my way back to Angie, the old me…… pre brain stuff but a much healthier version of that girl and I like it!!

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