Meet the New Angie-Part Two

I was able to sit down yesterday with my new eating plan and figure out a grocery list, unfortunately I wasn’t able to actually grocery shop yesterday so I’ll do that today……

So why am I no longer using “my fitness pal?”

For starters….I had faithfully logged in daily for 295 days in a row.  I was very religious about it, put the app on my phone, even upgraded my subscription to a premium service and paid a monthly fee. It was nuts. I got so obsessive about it, I made sure I burned X amount of calories, because in my mind as long as I was constantly in a calorie deficit it had to mean I would lose weight and get to my goal. I was obessed!!! I can’t even fully write out the level of obsession I was in with MFP, but I would set a timer on my phone while I lifted weights and then I would calculate about how many calories I burned during that time, it was nuts….I was nuts

So just before we left Missouri, one day while I was working out I felt like God was nudging me to start to think about ending my “Streak” on MFP, I honestly thought once I hit the year mark I would get rid of it because I knew I had become a slave to calorie counting and logging. So it was slowly becoming an option in the back of my mind, I just wasn’t fully ready to let go…..until I met with Kim (my new nutritionist)

So I met with Kim, she did my body composition, we talked about my workouts and my food personality. I told her I am obsessed with numbers and that I had been logging into MFP. Just assuming she would want me to continue…..

Then as she was weighing me and we were talking about MFP and my obsession with numbers she said 3 things that made me about what to cry

  1. Get rid of mfp……her reasoning? It promotes a dieter’s mentality and this journey with her is about learning (or relearning) how to eat healthy for life, to find a way of eating that is sustainable)
  2. She’ll track my weight (I’ll weigh in with her every couple of weeks and she’ll do my body composition again) If you remember, I’m obsessed with the number on the scale so this was SUCH a freeing concept to me. She said she’ll still motivate me (not sure what this means yet, but I’ll find out in the next month or so)
  3. My body fat % is a 41%, I assumed it was less by now, but it’s not and suddenly the number on the scale just didn’t seem as relevant. Now my goal is to get my bf to 20% or less

Also while we were meeting and talking about my workouts, I told her what I was doing for weights and how many sets/reps, she told me to go back to lifting heavy again. I learned how to lift weights and heavy last summer in Houston, so it seems fitting that I’ll be coming around full circle to this way of lifting once again. It’s my FAVORITE way to lift weights, it’s challenging and I love the soreness I get afterward. Maybe I’m weird like that but I LOVE it!!

So as I shed layers of the old Angie and rediscover parts of me that I discovered that have been in hiding for over a year. I’m falling more and more in love with our new life in Texas. I really feel like I’ve found the missing link for me now that I’m working with Kim and becoming a part of the IEM family!!! It’s just exactly what I needed!!

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