Meet the new Angie-Part One

So yesterday I started a new journey. I met with my new nutritionist through the Institute of Eating Management and can I just say….YYYEEEESSSS!!!!! OMG it’s exactly where I need to be. It’s exactly the thing I’ve been searching for these last 6 months and it’s exactly where I am supposed to be, commit to and be apart of……EXACTLY

Do you ever just have an experience where you are like, “omg where have you been my whole life?” Yep that was me yesterday at IEM meeting with Kim. My husband is even on board and for those of you who know him know food and Jeff and healthy are never used in the same sentence, but he liked Kim and what she had to say. It was the first time I’ve been completely and 110% honest about what goes into my mouth. I told her that peanut butter is a HUGE trigger and my tablespoons are typically four. Jeff told her that when you give me an inch, I take a mile….so she’s fully aware of it all and still wanted to work with me, but not only wanted to work with me, believes she can get me to where I want to be.

What I really liked about her was all the evidence based research she had behind things like the importance of eating small frequent meals and an overabundance of cardio, we even talked intermittent fasting, which she is NOT a fan and she told me exactly why…..which if you know me you know I need to know the whys of things, so this worked well for me.

Another thing Kim is doing is massively switching up my workouts, which 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been open to but today I’m embracing with a new vengeance. So I’ll be going back to lifting heavy weight for less reps and sets AND I’ll be doing steady state cardio 3 times a week and HIIT 3 times a week. Thankfully, I have a FB friend trainer who I’m meeting with to show me how to do HIIT, super excited about that.

Oh and here I’ve been thinking carbs aren’t my friend, in fact PROCESSED carbs are not your friend, but good clean, healthy carbs ARE, and while fat isn’t the enemy it certainly isn’t your best buddy either.

So instead of using my fitnesspal, something Kim wants me to get away from, which I’ll talk about later….I’ll be using an app that tells me what % of a food has what % of fat and I’ll be eating things that have less than 20% fat, so this is totally new and exciting.

OK I’ve gotta  run, we are off to look at more houses.

Today’s mission was to slowly ease back into the gym, which I’ve done with 45 mins of steady state cardio and to switch back to eating every 3 hours. Also, I need to spend some time ready indepthly Kim’s plan and how to implement it and then will grocery shop this afternoon and start asap (tomorrow)

My next blog post I’ll talk about why I won’t be using MFP and my new language will be….I don’t eat that……instead of I can’t eat that and why that’s important….I’m so excited y’all

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