Today I Choose

Today is Monday June 1, so many things I love about saying that! I am a huge fan of Mondays, for starters. I love Mondays because they are the start of a clean slate. A new step forward into a week that hasn’t been touched by the paint brush yet. An open canvas if you will with endless possibilities. Then on top of that it’s June 1….the start of a completely new untouched month. Again the beginning of endless possibilities. I just love everything there is about the beginning…..

I need this clean fresh start as I’ve feel like I’ve veered off course these last 8 days with our move. I’m not going to lie, it’s been difficult to eat clean and forget about training mean or at all for that matter. This move has been killer on me in a lot of ways, mostly physically though. I’ve gained weight, something I thought I would be immune against…..HA, nope. With that weight gain, my BP has become, once again irregular and unstable….something I am NOT a fan of. I’ve overindulged in the wrong foods, again something I thought I was immune to, but yesterday it hit me, as I was eating ice cream for the third night in a row…..”I could easily slip back into the “old me” if I’m not careful and that thought scared me enough to say, “whoa Angie, you’ve got to reign this craziness in” So as I sit here and type, realizing, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet….clean slate…’s Monday……clean slate…..It’s June 1…..clean slate

For the first time in a year, today I’m choosing to look at the endless possibilities and NOT allow my mind to play devil’s advocate against me. Today I am choosing to look ahead and not behind and get tangled up in the mini failures. Today I choose to embrace where I’m at, even though it’s NOT where I wanted to be at this point in the process. Today I choose to be thankful that instead of FIVE blood pressure meds. I’m only on ONE. Today I choose to look at all the reasons I have to be thankful…..

  • We have moved to the part of Texas that I fell in love with last summer….Houston, we live here!!
  • We are looking at houses that we could BUY and I’ll actually get to be that homemaker that I’ve always dreamed about being!
  • Today we are looking at and signing me up for a gym close to where I live that’s open 24/7, so hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to drive myself there and start working out again!
  • I have an amazing family who are healthy and fun
  • I have an amazing husband who helps me in so many ways

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