No More Excuses

Over the last 5 days I’ve learned A LOT about myself. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I DO NOT cope well under a great amount of stress. I’ve always thought I did but I’m quickly seeing that stress contributed to my weight gain after brain surgery and difficult pregnancies because when I’m under a great deal of stress…..I EAT……and EAT and EAT and no it’s not healthy things like spinach or celery or even chicken. It’s crap like cookies, donuts and chips…..UGH

So in these last 5 days I’ve veered off course, I’ve eaten my stress, not closely tracked what I’ve eaten, not drank even close to 60 oz of water, which is not like me and NOT exercised and guess what?

I feel like CRAP!!!!

Seriously, my BP, which was at a manageable rate is now once again borderline high and I’m having healrt palpitations and this is because I’ve gained some weight, am eating like crap, haven’t exercised and haven’t drank close to a gallon of water.

Sure it’s easy to say things like, “tomorrow” or “hey I just can’t because life is so stressful and we are in the middle of a move” yada yada yada but you know what? These are just all excuses that I’ve told myself to get off track and off track I’ve gotten.

BUT I refuse to start my new life in Texas with unstable BP, packing on the pounds and feeling like crap….no ma’am that’s not me.

I’m struggling a bit with how to not eat crap because it is easier to grab quick, easy food, but typically this quick easy food is uber UNHEALTHY. So until Monday I’m not exactly sure how to eat. I don’t have a lot of time to foo prep right now, mostly because we aren’t doing a massive grocery shop until Tuesday. This was strategic, you see on Monday I meet with a nutritionist who will be putting me on a meal plan and I have no idea what that will involve and it seems ridiculous to stock my cabinets that I may or may not be able to continue to eat. SOOOOO my plan until Monday is to stay away from the evil things I know trip me up, like: baked goods, ice cream, potato chips, donuts and when we go out to eat order things like grilled chicken salad, fish, etc. I know how to do this, I just haven’t wanted to these last 5 days but I’ll be honest with you having these heart palpitations and higher blood pressure has really scared me and I don’t like how I feel which in turn means eating these awfully good tasting bad for me foods just isn’t worth it! I guess I needed the reminder? So the buck stops here….as life is winding down to our new normal here in Texas and I find my way. I still have weight to get off and be healthy. I want to enjoy this new phase of life from a healthy seat!!

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