Well it’s Friday, we arrived in Houston on Tuesday and it’s been non-stop go mode since….

Seriously super super crazy busy doesn’t even begin to describe what’s been happening in my life!.

We unloaded, unpacked over Tuesday and a little bit on Wednesday, then toured two schools Tuesday and Wednesday, had dinner with an aunt last night, ran to Walmart in the middle of all of that. Then today we look at houses and tomorrow my sister-in-law flies home. IT’S BEEN NUTS!!!! So much so that I haven’t found, let alone been to a gym since we left Rolla AND my BP, which it was always slightly high but is averaging about 180s/100s, which means I’m increasing my meds., until life slows down a bit. Oh and I’m also having heart palpitations from all the stress. Needless to say, I feel massive turmoil at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Texas, I’m so incredibly thankful to be living here and so glad to be out of Missouri.

But with any massive change, for me anyway, comes a great deal of stress, which in turn wreaks havoc on my health. In this case my blood pressure. So I’m trying to dial my internal voice back and away from the “what ifs” and the need to be organized and “roll with it” I pretty much suck at rolling with anything because I’m a “ducks in a row” kinda girl. But this morning as I realize that I’ll have to increase my BP meds, I’m decided today to try to mellow out a bit, realize that it’s ok that I won’t get to a gym until probably Tuesday (I know the gym will help my BP, so I feel anxious about not working out), I’m going to try to breathe through this crazy time and realize that perfection doesn’t need to happen, that routine will soon set in and life will be manageable once again. In the meantime, I’m going to try to enjoy this crazy, bumpy, fun ride!

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