Goodbye Missouri, it’s been real……

If you would have told me 9 years ago that I would move to Missouri and live there for 8 years I would have laughed in your face. Seriously, Missouri was never a state that I A) thought about, let alone wanted to move t…..and B) had any desire to travel to. And yet here we’ve been……stuck…..for the last 8 years.

The irony in all of this is that about 10 years ago when Jeff was working in residential construction management, the slime ball company he was with was talking about expanding to The Woodlands, TX so at that time we were looking at that area….it never panned out because that company went bankrupt, but I guess it’s funny because at one point in our life Texas was on our radar. Little did we know that it would take nearly 11 years to actually move there!!

So back to Missouri…… we even ventured here was for Jeff to attend Bible College in Moberly, Missouri, which he did for a little over a year. BUT since I was a stay at home mom, at the time and we weren’t making ends meet,  he had to look for full time work and do classes at night. It was a challenging time, but God was still in the midst of it all……it was during this time that we had been married about 7 years and out marriage was crap! We were constantly fighting, stressed about money, and had no real direction in life. Thankfully, God led us to a church that offered amazing marriage counseling. So we began meeting with a couple on a weekly basis for just shy of 2 years. It was intense counseling that I fully believe God used to save our marriage from ending in divorce. So if for no other reason than this, our move to Missouri was worth it!!

Then in 2009, I had a stroke and we were living in Columbia, Missouri. Thankfully, if this was to happen, it happened there because I was taken and received the best care from a stroke center that just happened to be in the town we lived in.

We joke about living in Misery for the last 8 years, but there have been some sweet moments as well…..Jeff was able to attend and successfully complete a degree in Petroleum engineering. Missouri just happens to be one of only 14 colleges in the US that offers this degree program (God knew?…..I think so!)

We were able to receive excellent marital counseling that God used to save our marriage.

I had bariatric surgery here and have been able to begin my path to total health transformation!

I’ve also doctored for the last 2 years with, in my opinion, one of the BEST headache care doctors in the country!!

My kids have made phenomenal friendships that will continue well into their adult lives.

I have made some close friends, but most importantly met a “kindred” spirit girlfriend who has and continues to be the true definition of what a best friend should be. I never knew this before but had always craved such a friendship!

So as we wrap up our final day here in Missouri, I feel a little sad to leave. Although I would NEVER want to live here long term. I am thankful for this little life detour that has brought so many incredible blessings in our life!!

Adios Missouri…..Hello Texas!!!!!

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