Life right now is super duper crazy….WOW, but it’s all very good stuff, just intense. So it’s no wonder that the stress of moving, having a yard sale, leaving behind the place we’ve called home for the last 3 years and the state we’ve been in for the last 8 could throw my whole system out of whack, but WOW did it ever!!! Granted all the crap food I let back into my diet didn’t help, but couple that with the stress that I’m under I created the perfect storm within my body. So about 3 days ago, I was in so much pain (Neuropathy pain in my feet, legs, arms, face, back, I could barely walk let alone workout in the gym. I remember being on the treadmill thinking how weak I felt and that I just couldn’t bare to live like that. So I did a massive overhaul of my diet and added some natural supplements like cinnamon, turmeric, ALA and GLA in an effort to bypass taking Neurontin-a commonly prescribed med. For neuropathy.

I’m happy to report after overhauling my diet, adding these supplements and doing acupuncture in my feet, I feel WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Not sure which of the things I added is working or if it’s a combo of all of it, but I can tell you I won’t be stopping any of it anytime soon!! I don’t know how people live in chronic pain constantly?

In other news

I normally take my rest day on Sunday, but this week I’ll be doing my Monday workout on Sunday and taking my rest day on Monday since that’s the day we’ll be driving all day…..Not sure when I’ll get into a gym in Katy, but hoping by Wednesday, we’ll see though….I’m giving myself some grace to ease into this new life before me

Well I must get out to the yard sale now…..enjoy your day!!

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