We return to our regularly scheduled programming

It’s hard to follow up yesterday’s blog rant with a simple blog post today. But I’ll give it a go….

After venting my frustration, via blog post, with people who I feel overstep their placement in my life, I realized that all I wanted to do was run and hide and never be “social media” honest again. I’ll be honest, I feel really smacked by some of the comments about peanut butter. I spent yesterday licking my wounds and then realized this morning that if I stop being up front and honest with my journey, I wouldn’t be me. So this morning I decided enough is enough. I refuse to let anyone cause me to revert back to my old self……hiding and running, ducking for cover when I feel attacked. So that will no longer be happening. If you know me, you know that I take everything to heart and if God chooses to open my eyes by using someone’s confrontation than I am open to it. Granted I don’t like it, but I’m open to it nonetheless.

So getting back to my plan. Life right now is extremely stressful. We are at the launching point where my husband is graduating college after five LONG years, we are packing and entire house full of 2 years of accumulation, we are saying goodbye to dear friends and having final doctor appointments. All of this is happening in a week, so yeah it’s incredibly stressful. Since I HATE HATE HATE change, I’ve stuck as close to possible to my workouts this week. It’s what is keeping me sane at the moment.
My plan for the next few weeks until June 1…..

  • Continue my workouts….nothing is changing there.
  • Continue to eat according to ADF
  • Only weigh on Saturday mornings, my friend DeLisa is holding me accountable to this
  • NOT stress if I don’t lose in the next couple of weeks, but realize this is a highly stressful time and be patient with myself
  • NOT gain during this period, this is the ultimate goal, BUT I’m not going to stress out if I do.
  • Fully embrace working with a nutritionist on June 1, my hope was to be under 200 before we moved to Houston, that’s not going to happen, so I plan to really take to heart what this nutritionist says and the plan she puts me on. Of course I’m hoping I’ll be successful and I’m sure I will be as she is a mutual friend of a lot of fitness people on my Facebook. I’m super excited about this!!

So this is my plan……

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