Dear Judgmental Facebook Follower

Dear Judgmental Facebook Follower,

Yesterday when I posted  this…..”So my husband has a real issue with me eating peanut butter (it’s my vice so to speak) Sooo I’m trying to make a deal with him….I’ll give up PB IF he and my kids stop eating processed sugar, the verdict is still out…..stay tuned‪#‎goodbyePBitsbeenreal 😂😂😂😂 in the end I win IMO”

This wasn’t an opportunity for you and your self-righteous self to put your two cents in on how “omg yes a jar of PB is too much for a week or I don’t struggle with PB” Good for freakin you!!!

Do you know my struggles? Do you know my activity level? Do you know my macros?

I say this with a resounding NOOOOOOOO you do not!!

Have you ever dealt with being fat? Sick? Food addiction?  Well that I don’t know, but if you have then ok you can say something…… but if not then step off!!

Do you have a nutrition DEGREE, like you went to college and studied nutrition? NO?

Is your diet 100% clean at all times? I would venture to say that if you are not in contest prep, the answer is probably NO

So then, STEP the heck OFF!!!!

I get enough constant crap from my husband I do NOT need it from you to, on Facebook of all places!!!

I have worked through my head issues with a counselor for a year. I know when I’m struggling, I know when I need accountability. I know when I have to work with a professional (which is happening on June 1) I know me, you do NOT….

So for future reference, when and if I post something on Facebook that perhaps your first inclination is to say something negative or speak from a place of pure ignorance, please just move along, I don’t need it! I get enough of it on a daily basis at home…..umkay? Thanks so much!

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