The Body Challenge

I have spent years and years hating my body….like despising it!! I would look in the mirror and speak (in my mind) things like, “yuck look at my big old stomach)—this was all through high school even when I weighed a normal weight. I still struggle with hating my body and saying stupid body shaming issues.

Meanwhile, my friend DeLisa challenged me to looking for each day’s joyful moments. You see, I’ve spent soooo many years in a medicine induced fog thanks to my health and now that I feel great I don’t want to let life slip me by. So I was telling her this and she challenged me to find “joyful moments” in my day. So I’ve been keeping track of each day’s joyful moments. So I decided to add to this and start finding things I like about my body. At first I thought I would do this each day, but I’m not going to lie, it was hard. So I’m scaling this back to weekly. Each week I will find something I like about my body. Something that I’m working hard to lose weight and sculpt it so I figure I need to start enjoying and loving it through this process…….

Sooooo I know there are about 10 of you who read this blog each day and I’m assuming you all are bariatric patients. Probably struggle with similar issues that I do. So would you join me?

Would you start jotting down the date and what you like that day about your body? Then we will have a “check-in” on my blog, once a month?

Sound good……let’s do it!!

I’ll start…..

Today I like my butt

No matter how obese I became I ALWAYS had a flat hiney. I got made fun of in high school for having a flat butt and it was always something I was self-conscious of!! \

Today was leg day and I’ve been really intentional about adding things to my leg workout that would scupt my butt and today was the first time EVER that I thought, “hmm I kinda like how my butt is shaping up!” So I posted a picture on Instagram & Facebook if you want to see J  haha

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