For Better or Worse

For better or for worse…….My friend DeLisa reminded me the other day of these marriage vows. I needed it because as I’ve stated multiple times I am a creature of habit!!! My habit, currently, is being disrupted.

I was feeling really stressed and anxious the other day and I didn’t really know why? Sure we are currently living a chaotic pace with my husband wrapping up his college, our move and me wrapping up my kid’s homeschool…….we are once again on the verge of a major life move. In the 14 years Jeff and I have been married we have moved over ten times, no lie. Each move was bathed in alot of prayer, but it really never gets easier. This is no exception. Yes I am beyond thrilled to be leaving Missouri, or as I’ve always called it “Misery.” If you would have told me in 2007 that we would end up living in Missouri for 8 years I would have laughed in your face. This has most certainly been our wilderness. So It’s very scary for me to walk out of the wilderness, I know right?! I’ve been itching for the day that we would leave and now that we are only a couple weeks away I find fear rising up a bit. See I have been plagued with the “too good to be true” thoughts an as I was telling my frien DeLisa how in the 14 years Jeff and I have been married we have solely dealt with crisis. From my intense heath issues, to losing jobs, losing a house, having a premature baby etc etc etc. DeLisa said, “you know the better or worse part of your vows? You an Jeff have already been through the worse so now God is bringing you into the “for better” part”……I like that A LOT!!! And I’ll take it. So today I chose to fin the excitement and joy in this chaotic time, knowing that God has us on the verge of something really outstanding!!!

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