I promise I’m not cray cray :)

I promise I’m not nuts, although some days I wonder…..no seriously…..

The other day I posted why I was no longer going to do ADF, you can read that post here: www. https://wordpress.com/post/79720131/197

In the process of really rethinking my nutritional approach, I realized that I had once again become obsessed with the scale. I was weighing daily. This was quickly becoming a problem ,along with overthinking my nutritional approach,h led to a day of high anxiety and tears. Out of that and through a heart to heart with my husband, I decided to make an appointment with a nutritionist in Houston, who not only works with bariatric patients but also many in the fitness industry. I meet with her on June 1. My husband’s only request is that I do EXACTLY what she asks of me to really give it a fair shake. I agreed, since we are paying money for me to work with her AND I’ll have to drive in Houston, something very outside of my comfort zone.

So in the meantime….what to do for the next 3 weeks???

After my post about ditching ADF, someone commented that I really need to give something a fair shake for about 8 weeks and I thought….”you know what? She’s right!” See when I started ADF the first time and even this time, I said, IF I lose 2 lbs in a week, then I’ll stick with it!!

Well guess what? I’m down 2.6lbs this morning AND it’s 3 days shy of a full week!!!!! This not only thrills me to no end, it kinda reaffirms that this way of eating works for me, somehow, which is cray cray. It fits nicely into my lifestyle, for now anyway, with i’s flexibility, especially as stress is uber high at the moment and we’ll be on the road in a few weeks. I just don’t want to deal with living by an alarm clock again, especially while on the road, and counting every calorie that passes my lips…..nope, that just isn’t going to work. So while there are days, specially UP days on ADF that I need to really assess my anxiety level, I like UP days in that I don’t have to live so strictly by calorie counting and I can enjoy dinner or lunch out with family and friends, something that is happening more of since we are moving and wrapping up times with friends

So here’s where I’m at:

  • I will assess ADF week by week at my weigh ins on Saturdays and see if I’m losing, as long as I am I will continue with this approach until I meet with Kim (nutritionist in Houston) on June 1
  • I will buy into this process and NOT get on the scale more than weekly so that I’m not thrown off and start questioning this approach.
  • My friend DeLisa is holding me accountable to weighing ONLY weekly….and she’s good, I’ve given her permission to “be in my face” about it!
  • I will completely follow and buy into whatever meal plan the nutritionist says on June 1

My goals have not changed, they are:

  • Hit 180 by my 41st birthday in November, then reassess from there, either pursue further weight loss OR learn how to maintain a 180 frame
  • Maintain normal BP
  • Continue to work out and feel great!
  • Learn to enjoy life’s daily joyous moments
  • Learn to nourish my soul on a daily basis.
  • Be more accepting of myself, strengths and weaknesses
  • Acknowledge my failures, but move on and focus on the positives.
  • Learn to listen to my body more
  • Run a 5K in the fall 2015 in Houston

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