It Figures

Now I remember why the ADF lifestyle does NOT work for me. I’m a highly anxious type A person who apparently NEEDS rules…..haha, Yep I totally forgot this fact, until I got knee deep back in it. Sure it’s a great eating approach and people have lost gobs of weight, which is awesome. BUT I’m not going to be one of those people unfortunately. I just can’t handle the massive amount of freedom you have on UP days, I know, weird right?!

I was literally in tears ALL day yesterday, sure I have a boat load of stress happening at the moment, but then I threw this new eating approach into the mix and BAM…. I was an emotional basket case yesterday. Like I literally was in tears ALL day, over EVERYTHING….it was nuts and I didn’t like it. So drastically changing my eating habits one week prior to my husband’s graduation (a culmination of six years of blood, sweat, and tears) shouldn’t have been surprising. This is my typical behavior just prior to a major life event. Thankfully, I only veered off course for about 4 days….no harm, no foul……

Something I did learn in those 4 days is that I desperately need accountability to stay OFF the scale. At this point, I have gotten so caught up in weighing daily again that my emotions were getting the best of me and I was allowing Satan to whisper lies in my ear, all day. I started, once again, to believe my worth was based on the number on the scale…Thank God for my husband. Who, bless his heart, have NO clue what to say to me when I’m a blubbering mess, but once I pull it together, reminds me of what we talked about…..which is (eating) going back to Patti’s plan (5 small meals a day- with certain rules like: no clean carbs for meal 5, 1 cup of green veggies per meal, 4 oz. of protein every meal) etc. Yes it’s boring, but it works for me, or it has, I’m praying it still does. But I’m tweaking this plan a bit to increase my calories to between 12-1300 with low carb %, higher fat % and “off days” on Sunday. Off days mean if I want to have a donut AND eat out after church I can!! So Sunday’s calorie goal will be between1800-2000.  THEN when we move to Houston, I was always planning to work with a nutritionist name Keith Kline in the fall, BUT Jeff told me to go ahead and call to get details TODAY. So I’m hoping that it will be affordable and I could start working with him in early June. My goal, at this point, is to get to 180 by my birthday in November, that’s 5lbs a month from now through November. Then, if Keith and The Bod Pod people think I could hit 157, I’d like to try to get there by my 2 year post op date of Feb 4. 2016. I have no idea if these goals are too ambitious or on point, but I’m willing to at least shoot for them today.

All-in-All, I know that I’m a person who thrives on rules and boundaries. Yes it’s tedious and stale sometimes, but at the end of the day, the peace of mind that I get from it far outweighs the overly distraught days like I had yesterday!!

Basket case NO MORE!!!!!

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