Today’s Struggle

I’m struggling today…BIG TIME!!!! I just started ADF on the 5th and when I did it before, I had lost 3lbs in that time frame, well today the stupid scale is UP 3lbs and I still battle with feeling like a failure when the scale increases. I know logically that I haven’t eaten enough food to have gained, but it still feels devastating….I hate my brain sometimes.

So I find myself going back around this mountain of not defining my self-worth or success by a number, will I ever learn?? Because today I don’t feel like I get it…..argh!!!!!

So here’s my rub, if you will. I’m SERIOUSLY considering only weighing once a month, but here’s what scares the crap outta me…..WHAT IF in that month I have a true gain and I don’t catch it before the gain sticks around? This FREAKS me out!!!!! Any advice for this ole gal? I’m all ears……..

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