ADF Revisited

Last night, I decided to jump back into ADF (alternate day fasting).


For a couple of reasons really….

  • It’s an easy approach to eating that I feel like I can maintain for the rest of my life
  • It allows for some freedom in food choices
  • I won’t be ruled by my alarm going off every 3 hours to eat something….which I hated btw
  • When I did it before I lost crazy weight and although freaked myself out and stopped doing it, I know that it works for my body

Sooo, I’m back on that bandwagon, started it yesterday and committing to staying off the scale until Saturday (when I started this process) someone in the ADF group I’m in gave me calorie guidelines and then said, “don’t overthink it!” That really hit me…..hard because you they she is right…..I overthink WAY to much and I’m done doing it….I know this works, I know that I can lose atleast 4-5lbs a month I’ll reach my goal, so guess what? I’m just not going to worry about it. Granted I’m sure I’ll still obsess over calores and my food choices, this will continue to be a work in progress. But as of today, I’m not going to worry….nope

Onward and Upward is my forward motion and I’m prepared to win at this journey!!

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