Some tidbits I’ve learned along the way…..

As I ponder how drastically my life has changed for the better, I wanted to share with you some tidbits I’ve learned about this WLS and weight loss journey and my process along the way…..

  • Something I didn’t realize about myself, but has been revealed to me as I lose weight and chase more weight loss is how OCD I am about my workouts. I mean to the point that I start my timer (on my phone) at the begging of my weight training so that I can track the calories in my fitness pal. I also track how many calories I burn on the treadmill and really until this week would push my limits to the point of just before serious injury. It was stupid but it’s where I was at. Now this week it’s dawned on me…….quiet looking “down the road” instead take one workout a day and one day at a time. I know it’s very cliché but it has really really helped me. Now instead of planning out my entire week of cardio, I just tell myself, “Angie do what you can do this morning and see how you feel to figure out if round 2 will happen later or not. I guess I’ve taken pressure off myself and it’s really helped. Because at the end of the day, I’ve learned how to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle so I know that I WILL lose these last 30 ish pounds at some point in the next year.
  • Learning to set realistic weight loss goals…..So since I’m over a year post op, the “honeymoon” phase of weight loss has ended and I know at this point, I have to work my butt off to get these last few pounds off. In the beginning of this journey I had the number 157 in my mind as the ultimate victory to get to. Well I now realize that I would be happy and probably just as healthy at 180, so I’ve made that shift in my mind to shoot for 180, which my PCP is also fine with for my height and build. Of course at the end of the day, I just want to be HEALTHY. I want to be on the lowest possible dose of BP meds and feel great, so that may mean 190, I don’t know, but as of today the goal is 180
  • I feel the best when my BP is under 120/80
  • You definitely don’t poop as often or as much once you cut your guts up. This has been an interesting realization for me personally.
  • I feel pretty stoked that at 214 I can easily wear a size 10.
  • Probably the BIGGEST lesson and hardest mental inventory I’ve learned is that the scale DOES NOT dictate my worth as a person…..yes I’m still grappling with this daily, but it’s getting easier.
  • I always had this idea in my head that to be a true athlete I needed to be a runner…..I know, stupid….but it’s dawned on me that I AM an athlete. I’m an aggressive walker and I actually like this identity. I am a walker…..sure I have the goal of running a 5K in the fall this year, but at the end of the day, I AM a walker.
  • Exercise is where it’s at…’s my happy place
  • I LIVE on and actually enjoy the following foods:
    • Greek yogurt
    • Grilled chicken breast
    • Spinach
    • Rice cakes
    • Peanut butter
  • I HAVE to be on guard when I’m utterly exhausted because I tend to eat when I’m tired. Not so much when I’m stressed but more so when I’m tired. I feel like my defenses are down then.
  • Self-control absolutely requires the mind

So these are some tidbits I’ve learned or am learning along this crazy fun path toward health and weight loss.

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