We all associate with some form of identity. For a lot of years I was “the sick one” of Cathy’s daughters. Then I became “the sick wife of Jeff” I was a brain tumor survivor, brain surgery survivor, chronic migraine sufferer, stroke survivor. For many many many years I identified as being sick, frail, weak, fat and tired. I was pretty miserable identifying as such but my life didn’t warrant any other titles at that point.

BUT fast forward about 14 years


Today I identify with so much more….I identify with life…..

Yes I am a brain tumor survivor, chronic migraine overcomer and a stroke survivor, and while those things are a part of who I was, they are no longer who I am…..they are just simply obstacles I’ve overcome.

Today I am

A healthy wife and mother

A healthy sister and daughter

A healthy friend.


I am an athlete.

I am strong

I am an overcomer

I am on a journey to find health and peace within.

I am a conqueror

I am proud of myself today more than I ever have been and this is exciting as it’s been years and years since I’ve felt this good.

So today I identify with HEALTH and I pray for many more years of health

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