These are a few of my favorite things…….

I was inspired by my blogger friend Misty who posted on her Facebook yesterday some of her favorite things. So I thought I’d copy and share some of my favorite things today…..

So I put a lot of thought into my list and here’s what I have so far, they are:

  • Salty air in the cool evening on Fort Myers Beach, Fl. This was by far (so far but I think Houston will be it’s equivalent) my favorite place we’ve lived….precious precious time
  • A good hard earned sweat after a an hour walking on the treadmill on a 15 incline, I don’t know I just feel like a superhero after I’ve accomplished this task!!
  • A glass of  moscato while listening to Miles Davis, I think is just pure sexiness.
  • The first hair wash after a good haircut, you know that feeling of washing away the old and preparing for the new.
  • The Eiffel Tower- what is there really to say? I’ve been more than once and everytime I get nostalgic, I blame sappy romantic movies that I’ve seen but I love every second of it!
  • A really good massage-the kind that if you don’t drink a gallon of water after you won’t be able to move for days.
  • Tuesday Tea Time with my best friend DeLisa. This is such a sacred time for me.
  • Spontaneous gut laughter with your sister
  • Putting a new pair of contacts in your eyes
  • Taking out your contacts after a really productive day.
  • Quiet moments at 3:30am when I’m just getting up and the house is still quiet and no one needs anything from me and I just sit and breathe.
  • Writing again. I’ve missed it. I wasn’t sure if the stroke stole this passion or ability, but I feel like I’m slowly finding my way back.
  • Lifting weights every day because it makes me feel strong and for so many years I’ve been weak and sick.
  • The lull in between the time I’m finished with weights and before I start cardio. I sit and drink my post workout drink and catch my breath.

And finally probably the MOST important one on the list…..

  • My husband, for being the guy I only imagined existed in the movies, I love you….

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