Don’t Jump the Gun Angie!!!

So as I sit here 30 lbs away from my goal weight, I am reflecting on how my tendency throughout this journey is to “jump the gun” and start messing with my nutrition and what works. I did this at 254 and I’m finding myself doing it again….and I need to STOP!!!! UGH, I thought this old pattern was dead but I guess not. Thankfully, I’ve caught it before it spiraled to far out of control. All thanks to my husband!!

So I was complaining to Jeff over the weekend that I just can’t get the stinking scale to move anymore. I was nicely losing 8.6lbs a month and then I messed with the system…..grr….stupid me. Honestly the spring break Houston trip threw me for a loop, weight gain wise and I just haven’t been able to recover. So when we got home I started intermittent fasting. I really like the idea behind it, but I was to crazy out of control with my eating. My UP days were ridiculous and I started consuming sugar again. I couldn’t figure out why suddenly I was having a nagging migraine again….Jeff pointed out that my diet had changed rather drastically and that perhaps the massive influx of sugar was tweaking me out…….he was right, as much as I hate to admit it. So I stopped all processed sugar intake and I feel a TON better!!! Then Jeff said, “Angie can you do back to Patti’s plan with a little freedom?” and then I thought….hmm, maybe I could? Patti is a lady who helped me in Sept with some nutrition stuff. I went from 254 to 215 in about 4 months. BUT I was uber strict on her plan and it was becoming boring and monotonous and I think that’s why I strayed. I dabbled with increasing my calories and also intermittent fasting. I do like the concept of intermittent fasting but I also like eating clean, I just feel better and eating 5 meals a day. So I’m doing a 16:8 daily intermittent fasting (NO alternate day option) with 5 structured meals and a cheat meal or item every 2 weeks…..I’ll see where I’m at the end of May. I feel good about this new approach to my eating. I like the structure and I like the idea of some freedom. So we’ll see….here we go….

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