Here we go again…

So a few days ago, I was selected by a personal trainer Facebook friend to begin his 3 month consistency plan. He’ll be constructing a workout plan for me along with a nutrition plan. Of course change in any capacity if hard. Remember I’m a creature of habit. But I feel like all roads have led up to this point. Namely the calorie number crunch game I’ve played for the last year. The one good thing that this alternate day fasting did for me was showed me that calories aren’t the enemy. The type of calories you put into your body is what positively or negatively affects your desired outcome. I was even able to lose weight eating 2000 calories on some days, it was the most bizarre thing I’ve experienced in a while. So when Richard (the trainer friend) suggested that my daily calorie allowance on his plan will be about 1800 calories a day, I didn’t balk like I would have even a month ago. Instead I’m kinda looking forward to an increase in calories and more frequent meals……this is gonna be interesting. I start on May 1 and I’m ready for an overhaul in my workouts and diet…..the goal has and will continue to be twofold:

  1. Lose 30-50lbs in 2015
  2. Figure out how to eat for life.

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