To Be Continued-Part One

Could it be? Could I really have found my nutrition niche?

I hope so, I wasn’t sure though after a binge on donuts on Sunday and then a binge on Tuesday on muffins (both my up days) I was kinda worried about both situations so I texted my counselor and we met briefly yesterday. Now I don’t know if she was in a bad mood? Having a rough day? Or just needed to be gruff with me? Regardless she said, “Angie you have an eating disorder and I know you don’t want to face it but you do” something like that, what the bloody heck?!!! I mean I realize that I’ve had excessively disordered eating patterns dating back to, well as far back as I can remember, but seriously you wait almost a year to confront me about it?!!

It wasn’t overly shocking to hear, just hard

Afterall after my surgery I reached out BECAUSE I was worried I had an eating disorder, hence why I’ve been in a counseling.

Anyway, I’ve been mulling this over and over and over in my head since our meeting. So today, while at the gym, I googled “how do I know if I have an eating disorder?” and an online assessment came up. Sure as shooting, I scored high enough that I would fall into the bulimia nervosa category. Now I had always thought that bulimic puke and anorexics starve, but there are a slu of other criteria for blumia nervosa…….well CRAP!!!!!

So today I feel depressed and I’m not really sure why?

I guess I feel like, “seriously another frickin mountain to overcome?” I’m just tired of dealing with my crap I guess. I just want to be healthy…..mind/body/spirit, so maybe this is part of the mind/spirit journey, I don’t know…..but I guess I’m about to find out.

I meet with my counselor for our normal hour long session on Monday and this is the topic that’s on the table, I will keep you posted

To be continued……

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