So I’m not really sure how to feel at the moment. You see I live a very public life on Facebook and Instagram. I do this because it’s my personal form of accountability. Anyway, I recently posted that I’ve lost 3 lbs overnight from Sunday to Monday after starting a new nutrition program called Intermittent Fasting. Now information about this nutritional approach to weight loss is readily available on the web as well as Facebook. Anyone can figure it out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. OK with that said, I want to specifically address my Facebook bariatric, non-bodybuilding friends…..

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT just start doing IF because you see me having results with it. IF you are exercising and eating clean you will start seeing the scale move again. (if it’s stopped). I cannot preach this enough. The ultimate prize is to establish healthy eating habits through a solid diet. So my number one piece of advice would be to cut the crap out of your eating.

  • Chips
  • Soda
  • Candy
  • Baked goods
  • Refined sugars

All processed crap, you do that AND start moving a bit, you’ll see not only weight come off, but you’ll also start feeling better!!

IF you don’t eat any of the above listed items and you are still not seeing progress, try the following….

  • Add 1 cup of green veggies to ALL of your meals (google: list of green veggies and pick the ones you like)
  • If you are eating under 1000 calories and you are more than 1 year post op, INCREASE you freaking calories already!! Seriously your body CAN NOT and will NOT function.
  • Set alarms to start eating EVERY THREE HOURS with your first meal beginning within 30 mins of waking up
  • Eat only clean carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa) again google is your friend
  • Increase your water intake (unsweet tea counts toward your goal) Minimum is 64 ounces, more if you exercise, I’ve download an app. On my phone called “Hydrate Daily” This helps me track how much I’m drinking. I make it a goal to get at least 14 cups daily, minimum.
  • Start moving your hiney. NO you don’t have to have a gym membership, go walk around the block. Set some fitness goals….like” I want to run or walk a 5K in 2015” or I want to walk 1 mile easily without losing my breath, set attainable realistic goals. I would say if you are not currently exercising telling yourself you’ll run a marathon this year isn’t very realistic.
  • Create yourself a myfitnesspal account and START using that sucker, know what you are putting in your mouth.
  • Start listening to podcasts about nutrition there are tons of them. My personal favorite is one called “Beyond Diet”

A couple of things to keep in mind….I AM NOT a nutrition expert. I simply do a ton of research and then experiment on myself.

I train my butt off in the gym so I needed to find a new approach to eating. My bariatric nutritionist doesn’t like that I’m following a “diet” that people use to lose weight. I will say here what I told her….I am trying to find an approach to food that I can do for the REST of my life. Eating clean has definitely been good to me as far as weight loss and my health and nuggets from what I learned doing that will continue with IF. I’m not looking at IF as a means to an end. I’m looking at it as a lifestyle….bottom line.

I get it, I get that sometimes our lives, weight loss etc become stagnant and we are always looking for a change.

You can do ANYTHING you decide to do. So decide today to change something that isn’t healthy in your life.

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