Shock & Awe

Could this really be happening? Or am I dreaming?

Seriously, I’m a bit in shock and awe at the moment and fighting the devil’s advocate that sits between my ears. BUT I weighed in this morning and on Sunday I weighed 210.6 and this morning I weigh 207.6, that’s THREE stinking pounds!!! Granted I realize it’s probably water weight as I literally peed 100 times yesterday (it was a low day) BUT come on!! I’m stoked!!

It would seem that I have found my new eating plan for life in the form of intermittent fasting. Like I said, I’m still in shock and awe and trying to figure this new journey out. BUT so far I like it….a lot

Now I realize since I’m a bariatric patient I literally CAN NOT eat the amount of calories recommended for the UP days, which is about 2500, so I aim for 1900 and call it a day IF I even hit that. The beauty of it is on UP days, I eat anything I want, for 2 reasons….1) because you can 2) I don’t even come close to calorie requirements

BUT can you even imagine for a girl who has lived so intensely strict with nutrition how freaking liberating this is?

I still plan out everything I intend to eat for the day AND I track everything in my fitness pal (something that is frowned upon in IF) BUT This works, so far, for me and it will continue.

So as of today, I’m rolling with this new plan…. I will NOT overthink it, I will just enjoy the ride and see where I end up in 2 weeks J

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