So I just changed my cover photo on Facebook to “Create Healthy Habits NOT Restrictions” and I’ll be honest, I have failed miserably at this principal.


I’m learning and as I learn I’m open to new ideas. As I’ve said before and will continue to say that nutrition has been the bane of my existence. Remember, I’m a food addict?

So when I seemed to be stalled at 250, I adopted a VERY legalistic approach to food and yes it worked. I managed to lose the 100lbs BUT I’ll be completely honest I’m so sick of eating the same freaking thing day in and day out that the thought of chicken and celery makes me gag. I had become a slave to the 5 alarms I set to go off every 3 hours to eat…..

I was tired of it.

Then we went to Houston and I threw all caution to the wind, ate what I wanted when I wanted to and it was marvelous. I ate when I was hungry and didn’t freak out if I wasn’t eating in a 3 hour window. It was so liberating that I started to research diet ideas and was willing to experiment.

So here’s where I’m at as of today…..

  • Today I have started the intermittent fasting lifestyle. I really like the concept of it, the research behind it and the proven health benefits. I’m committing to TWO WEEKS to see how it goes. IF in that 2 week period I manage to lose TWO pounds, I will continue to do IF BECAUSE I like the FREEDOM it gives with food, nothing crazy, just breathable
  • I’m no longer going to be over ambitious with my goals. It dawned on me the other day, prior to decreasing my BP meds, my primary doctor gave me guidelines as to when to cut them. She said when my top number is consistently less than 140 and my bottom number is less than 90. Well I had been running easily 118/70 and what goes through my mind is, “oh I can get better than that!” and you know what was happening? I felt like absolute crap, but once I decreased my meds. I have started feeling a ton better. This was an “ah ha” moment for me, I realized in that second that I am way to over ambitious and I need to stop. This led me to think about my weight loss goal of 157…..again to ambitious in my opinion. So my new weight loss goal for 2015 is to lose another 30 pounds. That would put me at 180, which is what I weighed when I got married in 2000 and I truly believe a “healthy” weight for me. So as of today, I’ve made peace with what I weigh. No I’m not giving up or throwing caution to the wind. I will continue to push toward a healthy weight. BUT that NUMBER has changed through this latest quest. If I get to 180 and my blood pressure if regulated, my migraines are under control, I’m not afraid of food, I’m still working out….I will be an extremely happy and thankful girl.

Freedom is a beautiful thing and as of today I’m attempting to embrace it more fully!!

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