Advice to self….

I recently came across something on Facebook that said, “if you could write a note to your younger self, what would it say?” and it peaked my interest. So since today I don’t have anything pressing or deep to write about, I thought I would write out some advice I would give to my younger self, hope you enjoy J

  • Your first love will probably not be the person you end up marrying and that’s ok. Don’t settle but wait to marry the man who is your best friend. The man you can’t imagine not running home to tell your latest happenings to!
  • There is no magical pill or shortcut to good health, so take it all in stride and realize that you steer your own boat. You make the decisions that will affect your future health well-being, physically, spiritually, mentally.
  • Do whatever it takes to find your journey and then jump on board.
  • There will come a day that you actually enjoy cardio!
  • Never give up!! It’s not worth stopping, it only prolongs the inevitable
  • NEVER compare your journey to someone else’s. You are not a robot, you are unique just the way God created you
  • There is not one correct or perfect way to eat, the sooner you realize this the less heart ache you will experience.
  • The number on the scale does NOT nor will it EVER define you as a person, it can’t show people your heart, your intentions, your worth. It’s just a number!!
  • You have walked through difficult life things, NEVER lose sight of God. He’s all you have at the end of the day. He’s the only one who will be left standing.
  • Above all, remember to cut yourself some slack.

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