Trust the Process

Trust the process, I’ve heard this catch phrase a ton for the last year. I never really “got it”. For a type A person like myself, “trusting the process” didn’t really provide an A +B= formula that I desperately needed…..or so I thought

Something that I’m learning, this week especially, is that there really is some merit in “trusting the process” I mean, I’ve done a boat load of research on EVERYTHING, including but not limited to: nutrition, exercise, calorie burn, calorie deficit all how they relate to weight loss. I threw caution to the wind for a few days while we were gone and yep, I gained, but in doing so I learned that while, sugar and bad carbs sure do taste amazing, wow do they cause weight gain in my body. Sure some people can eat them and never reap any or much consequence, I am just not one of those types of people…..alas, my body does kinda work in the A+B=C formula, meaning, good food in+ good calorie burn=weight loss in my body. So I’m going to continue to stick with that!

In the meantime, what do I mean about “trusting the process”?

Well today what that means for me is…….

Realizing and NOT stressing about eating more than 1206 calories a day (my allotment)

It means realizing that when/if I am in more than a 800 calorie deficit daily, my body likes to hold on to fat and it stops losing, SOOOOO no more trying to burn 3000 calories (that was just stupid)

It means, IF on a Tuesday when I have tea with my friend I want a chai latte, I’m NOT going to stress about the 130 calories that are in that drink, but instead I’m going to enjoy my latte and realize I have 2 days from tea time until my official weigh in to workout efficiently AND eat well.

It means not sweating the small stuff anymore……

It means believing that my body will lose the excess weight it needs to to get to a healthy weight (whatever that may be?!)

It means that deprivation doesn’t necessarily equal weight loss…

So today I choose to trust the process!!!!

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