Be Diligent Angie, Come On!!!!!

So I’m highly mad at myself.

I think it’s so ironic that yesterday’s blog post was about finding balance and I still stand by my post, but today I’m mad at myself. I think finding balance is still highly important and it’s definitely a quest that I’m on, but after weighing myself this morning I realize I have miles to go in finding true balance!!

So, if you read my post from yesterday, you know that I was out of town and threw caution to the wind as far as my nutrition. I think that small break in the monotony that my nutrition had become was needed, to a degree. Where I think I failed in, was losing sight of the importance of diligence.

I’ve heard it time and time again the importance of “cheating wisely” I never really understood that idea, and to be honest I still don’t, BUT what I do know after 4 days of indulging is that I did NOT cheat wisely.

I’m not really sure what my problem was and continues to be?

Perhaps it really does just boil down to food addiction, I guess I’ll have a ton to talk about in counseling on Monday.

Regardless, I am here, with a gain of several more pounds than I care to admit. What I’ve learned up until this point, from previous experiences is to NOT freak out and start changing everything up.

So I will remain consistent.

I will most definitely tighten up my nutrition, decrease my calories (again) and continue to work out like I normally do. I will be trying to throw myself into ketosis (high protein/low carb) for the next few days.

Something I do a lot of….. is research and I think its super interesting that while salt can cause water retention, so can SUGAR….I honestly had NO idea that sugar could do that as well. With this new information, I now see how the way I’ve eaten in the last several days of course would cause weight gain….duh

So along with going back to the basics I know have worked for me in the past….high protein, low carb, not over exercising. I will be pushing plain water today with the goal to drink a gallon. Ugh there will be lots of gum chewing to overcome head hunger as well.

The verdict is still out on what my balance really looks like… the meantime, stay tuned J

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