Finding Some Balance

We made it home after our 4 day trip to Houston. Wow it was such an amazing trip. I absolutely love Houston and I can’t wait to live there full time!!

I learned so much about myself during that trip. You see, whenever we’ve taken extended trips anywhere, I’ve been so anal retentive about my schedule, food, weight loss etc that I haven’t been able to really relax and not be so uptight. Over Christmas we made a trip back home and I was so freaked about being “off” that I prepped as much food as I could and took it with me, along with my scale. I weighed incessantly, worrying about potentially gaining weight and not hitting my goals. I weighed and measure every morsel that I put in my mouth. I was wound tight! So fast forward a few months and I’ve learned a ton, but it took this trip to show me what I’ve learned.

Since I don’t have an immediate goal of: “I need to lose 30lbs by x date” this has taken a TON of pressure off myself to sit back and realize that the 50lbs I want to lose WILL happen and there doesn’t need to be a due date. Because of this and because I knew that once we got home I would be switching up my diet and exercise routine, it took a ton of pressure off myself. So I enjoyed 4 days of hotel/carb loaded breakfasts. I mean I ENJOYED them, I had muffins, English muffins, eggs, yogurt, fruit, and peanut butter and last night I had ice cream….lots and lots of ice cream for dinner. Sure I felt horrendous afterward AND I won’t ever do that amount again. I enjoyed it for the moments before it made me utterly sick. Had I had some crazy goal in mind, I would NEVER have indulged in that way. But since I’ve laid off myself a bit, I was able to not worry too much about calories, protein intake, etc. I also didn’t work out ONCE. This, my friends, was HUGE. I just didn’t stress about it. I realize I’ve probably gained a little bit, but again I’m not worried about it. In all honesty, I haven’t taken a real break from exercise in about a year and from nutrition like this in about 5 months, so it was needed and I enjoyed every ounce of it!! Now will that become a way of life? Nope not at all. It was just for a 4 day season that’s it. BUT what it did help me discover is that I’m just not going to sweat the small things anymore. I still have 50lbs to lose and I know I will get there, I’m not worried about that at all. I feel like I’m finally getting some balance in my life and I like it!

2 thoughts on “Finding Some Balance

  1. I LOVE you! This makes me smile from ear to ear! Life, EVERY day of it, is a gift and if we don’t enjoy that gift and utilize it, we are wasting it. This doesn’t mean to live in indulgence… this doesn’t mean to go crazy. This just means that when we deny ourselves little pleasures and moments all of the time, we hurt ourselves more then we help. Goals and discipline are GREAT, beautiful and fantastic things… BUT the little lovely ways in which we let go and live a little (or a lot) are worth so much more when we let them happen periodically! So proud of you for realizing this, and SO PROUD OF YOU for all of the progress you’ve made!


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