The Stall

So I’m once again stuck in a weight loss stall. This has happened at various times throughout this crazy journey and every time it’s HIGHLY frustrating, but this time feels a bit different, which I’m thankful for. The last major stall I had was when I hit 250, I sat between 251-254 for THREE months!!! I remember crying into my pillow sure that 250 was as good as it was going to get, thankfully it wasn’t. I drastically switched my eating habits and BAM stall broken. Prior to that stall, I stalled for 3 months last summer, which was about 6 months post op, the honeymoon period of quick weight loss was over and I felt like I hadn’t taken full advantage of it, but I had I just didn’t realize it.

So you would think that I’m an old pro by now, and I would say that’s partially true, but it still SUCKS!!!!

What I’ve learned from previous stalls is that no one is immune to them, that it’s so important to stay consistent and to wait it out…..crap, I don’t want to do any of those things!!!! But I will.

So we are headed out of town for spring break and my plan is to stay consistent with exercise and nutrition. I will still enjoy my scheduled cheat meal tomorrow. But then when we get back from Houston, my plan is to shake things up a bit. I will start fasted cardio again (which I hate) in the mornings and then lift weights after I homeschool my kids. I’m even switching up my weight lifting rotation. I had gotten into a rut of lifting light at high reps and honestly had been thinking of switching it up anyway, so that works! Back to heavy lifting (which I love anyway)

I plan to button up my nutrition as well. I have gotten lax in what I’ve allowed into my diet. Nothing crazy, but things like peanut butter and Greek yogurt. Sure in moderation they are fine, but I’m going to experiment with cutting them out to see what happens if anyting.

Oh and I’m not even taking my scale with me over Spring Break, which is HUGE!!!!

So I feel like I’m walking into this stall armed with a lot of knowledge and peace. So I’m ready to not see much weight loss in the next 3 months, I figure this is worst case scenario, but I feel like I am more mentally prepared now than I ever have been.

Shoot, I use to wear a size 22 and today I wear a size 10/12, not bad for weighing 209 eh? J

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