With Fear and Trembling

So it’s Monday, my favorite day of the week. I feel like Mondays are a new start to something great…habit….routine, my favorite things J

Last week, I decided to only implement one change at a time, so last week’s change was adding a second cardio session a minimum of 3 days a week. I actually enjoyed it a lot!! The original purpose of this additional cardio was to see if it helped my crazy blood pressure.

The verdict?

It seems to, so I’m continuing that this week….

Now my second cardio session, is NOT like my morning cardio, where I workout intensely and sweat like I just got out of the shower, it’s purpose is also not to burn as many calories as I can in an hour. Nope, my second cardio session’s purpose is to get my heartrate up a bit, walk on a 10ish incline at a slower pace. Yes it’s a challenge for me, primarily because I feel like I have to kill it in the gym 100% of the time, but I have to practice A LOT of self talk for my second cardio session, but so far so good…..

All of this to lead me into what this post is really about…..


So like I said, I’m only changing one thing at a time. This week’s change is increasing my calories. Now most people don’t even track their calories and that fine for them. BUT for me, focusing on calories has gotten me through the last year and 100lbs lost, so you can imagine my sheer panic and fear to be messing around with calories. Especially increasing them when I’m not even at goal weight yet.

So being the type A personality I am, I’ve called my dietician along with ample online research along with realizing I’ve unintentionally increased my calories some last week and lost weight. So this week’s change is increasing my calories from roughly 1100 to 1406 calories and see where that lands me in a couple of weeks. According to my calculations, I should lose 3 lbs a week, we’ll see.

So it’s with great fear and trembling that I embark on this crazy  new calorie journey….wish me luck!!

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