Diving In

So I’ve decided to dive in and trust this process more today than I have been.
See on Monday I weighed in at 212.4, I was frustrated, felt broken and lost. I couldn’t believe that I had yo yo’d up from 206. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or what the heck was happening. I began to question, EVERYTHING I was doing. I even called my nutritionist who helped center me again. She said, “ Angie change only ONE thing at a time” then my very best friend reminded me that I had told her I would be fine if I hadn’t lost another pound, which I forgot I said. With these two interactions playing over and over in my mind and much prayer I am back to the mindset I was before, thankful to have weighed in today at 207, thankful that it would appear that increasing my calories a bit and doing a second round of cardio a minimum of 3 extra days a week is not only helping my BP (which I feel amazing btw) but it’s putting me back on the weight loss track. So yes, I feel happy today, encouraged and ready to continue diving into this crazy journey. Now as long as I don’t self-sabotage, I should be out of the 200s sometime next month, which I’m thrilled about!! But instead of looking down the road and what’s coming, today I’m trying to hold fast to what’s happening today.
Someone posted on Facebook, this quote and I’ve quickly adopted it as my new life motto, it says, “Your goal MUST be your priority” I LOVE this!!!! My goal has always been and will continue to be to get to a healthy weight so that I can live healthy life no longer on BP meds….this is the goal and this is my mantra, especially on days like today where my morning workout didn’t feel as killer as I would have liked!!

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