Will I ever learn?!?!?!

Man this journey is H A R D!!!!! Seriously, it’s difficult. I forget sometimes about the struggle and get swept up in the “well it won’t hurt if I have this extra piece of banana bread” etc.

So I epically failed last night, you see, I made banana bread a few days prior. Banana bread isn’t even a “trigger food” for me, but man I got into it last night BIG TIME!!

See, my menstrual cycle is all screwed up currently, which means my hormones are seriously out of whack. This isn’t an excuse, just simply I forget sometimes how hormones can become like a raging beast and drive me to the point of carb insanity!!! Yep, I’m human. I’m female and I eat when I get like that. I wasn’t on my game last night. Even at one point, thought, “screw it, I want some banana bread and I know the scale will be up in the morning and I just don’t care”

I know, shameful right?! Well it is what it is and I ate it and yes this morning am suffering the consequences. The scale is up 3 frickin pounds!!!!!

Well I did it to myself, so now I know…..

I MUST stay focused!!!

I  MUST cheat WISELY!!!

This life is a marathon NOT a sprint and I MUST MUST MUST remember that!!!

I’m 50lbs to my goal weight. I realize it will probably take a year to get these last 50lbs off and I’m ok with that, I just need to stay laser focused and not give in to temptation.

OK time to reboot my mind and eat according to my plan, which I know works!

Am I the only one who struggles like this? Please tell me I’m not alone??

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