List of NSVs

Since we are stuck at home due to a crazy snow and ice storm, I thought I would blog today. I’ve been thinking about all the “Non Scale Victories” I’ve had over the course of the last year and thought I would jot them down here and share them.

What’s a Non Scale Victory? Or NSV you ask?

It’s an achievement that isn’t tied directly to the scale…..

For Example, here’s my list.

  1. I can now easily cross my legs-This feels HUGE to me because for the longest time all I could do was sit my one leg (ankle down) on top of my other knee and it always felt very masculine. So this is very exciting that I can easily cross my legs and feel feminine
  2. I actually enjoy shopping now. As this was something that I dreaded because I could only fit into clothes from fat girl stores like Lane Bryant or Cato. Now I can shop anywhere and I LOVE it!!
  3. My ring size has gone from a tight 10 to a size 7, this is just crazy to me as now my ring finger is smaller than it was when my husband proposed to me 14 years ago! It has also posed a different sort of “problem” (not really a problem but more of a hassle) because I had my wedding ring resized about 3 times prior, the jeweler said not to resize it again until I’m ready to get it set to its final size as it could destroy the ring. So I’m waiting until I get to my goal weight to see what size my finger will be. In the meantime I’ve had to wear cheap crap fake rings, which is fine but I miss my wedding ring.
  4. I have less migraines. This is directly related to the new lifestyle of changed diet and exercise I’ve adopted and this is HUGE!!! I used to live in the ER, in fact we have thousands of dollars of paid bills to prove it. I suffered daily chronic migraines that were so debilitating that I rarely left our bed. I was in constant pain and deeply suffering.
  5. Exercise- I now exercise like an athlete. A word I never dreamed I would describe myself with. In fact, I used to get winded walking around Walmart once a week for our grocery shopping time. Winded and sweaty. I always looked like I had stepped out of the shower by the time we reached the cashier, but not anymore. Not only can I walk around Walmart, at a nice clip I might add, but I’m ready to continue moving and shaking after we leave!
  6. I have more control over my emotions now (directly related to my weekly counseling sessions) which in turn gives me more control over my food choices and how I chose to use food. Food is no longer something I use to numb emotional pain.
  7. With weight loss, my chest has shrunk…..alot….I’ve gone from a 54DD to a 40C (and honestly I’m probably smaller by now, I just haven’t tried on any bras yet) Less chest=less back pain
  8. I have a neck!!! Which I can see and this excites me
  9. I’ve gone from a Lane Bryant pant size of 22/24 to a size 10/12 and from an Old Navy top size of XXXL to a M/L
  10. My shoe size has gone from a 10 to an 8.5W

So while I only have 50lbs left to lose to get to my first big goal weight of 157, I’m proud of the NSV along the way!!

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