The Catalyst

The other day, in one of the bariatric Facebook groups I’m in, a lady was asking, “is the surgery really worth it?” She was scheduled for bpass, but was terrified after listening to others who’ve had surgery complain about various things.

It got me thinking……

Was surgery worth it?

For me?

The answer is…….

A resounding


For me, the sleeve has been a catalyst.

I feel like, by having the surgery, I was shot out of a canyon

And I haven’t looked back since.

So what I told this lady is….

I think (I’m no expert), YOU have to decide if surgery is the right option for you.

It’s not an option for everyone

Not everyone can handle it.

Thankfully, I could handle it.

I chose to have surgery because I was struggling with my weight and my health.

I was on BP meds and cholesterol meds with diabetes and cancer running high in my family (both sides).

I was plagued with chronic daily migraines and lived my daily life in chronic pain.
I wasn’t living and I was tired of being fat, tired and sick.

So for me, surgery was a great option. I will say here what I said on that FB site.

Only you can decide if surgery is the right route for you to go.

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