Boredom leads to Bad Choices

So something that I’m learning about myself is that when I get bored, like with food or exercise, I start switching things up and then my weight loss stalls or slows and I get frustrated and go back to what worked before. It’s so annoying, but it’s a pattern that thankfully God has just put His finger on. I literally eat the SAME thing EVERY day…’s annoying, but for now it works!!

When I get bored of eating the SAME thing, I start adding things, like fruit or yogurt and while you would think it’s no big deal. For me it really is…’s the weirdest thing really, I’ve noticed that once I start adding fruit into my diet, apples specifically, the scale comes to a screeching halt!!!! No joke.

As soon as I stop eating apples for like 3 days the scale starts moving again. AND I was finding when I was eating an apple a day, I was hungrier. I’m sure it had to do with the sugar content. Although I don’t know this for a fact, but it’s a hunch.

So here I sit AGAIN……

The scale is back to what it was on 2/10/15 (210.6) and I’ve been tempted today to throw “extras” in, like a nonfat chai latte because after all it’s Tuesday and it’s the day that I go have tea with my friend. BUT I still have 53lbs to get to 157, which his my own personal goal. Now I know that I’ve written a post in the past about not worrying about calories and I still stand by that post. However, today moving forward I’m choosing to, not worry so much, but be aware of the calories that I’m ingesting. See, normally at this point in my process I would be like screw it I burned 2000 calories today, I can eat this or that and it won’t hurt and you know what? It probably wouldn’t, but why? Why derail the scale’s movement for the instant gratification and taste of whatever it is I would eat. Nope, today I’m choosing a different path at this fork in the road. I’m so curious to see how this will play out over the next couple of weeks.  I’m only 11lbs away from 199 and 13 from 100 lost from day of surgery weight. I absolutely can NOT wait to get there, but it’s going to take work and work is what I plan to give it!!

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