So I’m mad.

Yep, quite ticked off actually!!

You see, I have an Instagram account, which I love (angiegettingfit)

So last night I was searching around on it. I like to follow successful weight loss people for encouragement and motivation. Well I came across this one girl who had her “stats” in her profile and she used the CW abbreviation. Well in my nativity I assumed she had bariatric surgery, like me. She also had her my fitness pal name in her profile and said “add me”, so I did

I messaged her shortly after she accepted my request and asked which surgery she had had. I thought it was odd that she was only down 51 lbs and eating 1800 calories a day, but again didn’t think anything of it.

Well her reply was nasty.

It was something like, “why would you ask if I’ve had WLS?” “WLS is the cheat way out, I’ve worked hard for me success”

OK, where to begin!!!

I replied with something like,” you should know your audience before you make yourself known”
I wanted to say, you judgmental like brat, but refrained. I went on to say that I have had surgery and that I work very hard for my success (knowing that she doesn’t care because I’m already pigeon holed in her mind”

I deleted her immediately from MFP (but she can somehow still see my newsfeed….yes I was nasty and called her a nasty name on there, to which she responded…..oops)

She said, “I’m typically a nice person and have friends who have had surgery,” Really? WHY would anyone who has had bariatric surgery want this girl in their life? I’m perplexed by this…..I mean I know some of my fellow bariatric friends have family members who disagree, but friends? Again I guess I’m naïve, but I don’t want ANYONE in my life who can’t be supportive of my choices.

Anyway, I’m not sure why this is still bothering me?

Some obscure judgmental chick in cyber land thinking I’ve taken the cheat way out?!  But it does….bother me

I guess it feels like somehow my 100 lb weight loss isn’t worth what I’ve thought.

I will have lots to talk about tomorrow in counseling, I suppose

In the meantime, screw those who think they are better than any of us because they’ve lost weight on their own and we somehow haven’t. You are the ignorant, judgmental one and I would rather have peace in my soul than to sit in judgment of anyone else!!

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