Plan to Succeed!!

So along this journey somewhere I came across another bariatric patient who introduced me to the idea of taking 21 cheat days for the year. She said her bariatric program recommended this option so that you don’t feel deprived. She has lost a ton of weight and this is something that she had implemented. I really liked this idea. My program didn’t have any real structure to nutrition, so I grabbed ahold of this idea and am adopting it for 2015.

So I eagerly planned out which days this year I would have a cheat meal. Something this fellow bariatric patient has said is that on a “cheat” day you eat clean or healthy for 95% of the day with room for a little freedom.

Well my first cheat meal of the year was in January, we were driving through the town where I had gone to college. We ate at what I thought was my favorite Mexican restaurant (see previous post). Anyway, the food wasn’t as good as I remembered, so my first cheat meal was an epic fail. But what it did show me is how important moving forward with my 21 cheat meals for the year is going to be. Planning will be necessary!!

So my next scheduled cheat meal was for today, Valentine’s Day. BUT since my husband and I don’t really have plans, plus no sitter for my son, I’m going to forego today’s cheat meal and wait until we head to Houston to house hunt in March. This is really for a combination of reasons. Mainly, 1) we live in a small town with zero restaurant choices so why waste a cheat day here? 2) Carrabas in Houston.

This leads me where I will have a cheat meal…..Carrabas Italian Grill in Houston, hands down my favorite restaurant!!!

So I will wait….


I will forgo the Valentine’s chocolates for Carrabas


You better believe I will have an awesome steak AND dessert on March 21!!

So what I’ve learned is, for me, it’s super important to pan and schedule my cheat meals. I think this will lead to my success moving forward.

As well as, it’s just as important to figure out what will be the most satisfying of cheat meals. Afterall, I don’t want to waste one of my precious few cheat meals J

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