A Healthy Respect

So if I’m really honest, yesterday was the FIRST official day that I honestly put EVERYTHING that went into my mouth (besides sugar free candies, just not there yet) in My Fitness Pal. Yep, the first day since last summer that is…..You see I had another bariatric “friend” on mfp and my diary was public and open. Well she was also in a number of “support groups” that I was also in. Anyway, I had posted in one of these groups that I had hit a stall and it was long….all summer. Well she proceeded to take a picture of my open diary and posted it in one of the groups and said, “see Angie THIS is why you are stalled you eat like 4 Quest bars in a day”

Yes it was humiliating

Yes I was mad.

Yes I deleted her immediately from every aspect of my life….mfp and facebook

But you know what?

She was right.

I had been eating crap.

I was stalled……for THREE MONTHS (didn’t lose one pound)

It was a hard, humiliating in-your-face wake-up call, but I just didn’t know what or how to change. So I did the ONLY thing I knew what to do…..


God answered that prayer by bringing someone into my life who really helped me turn my nutrition around. She gave me some key building blocks to begin with. Once I started implementing said building blocks, I started to see the scale move. October was the first month I started my “new” nutrition and in that month I lost 14lbs!!

So all of this leads me to today’s post……

One of the areas I’ve continued to struggle with, is putting everything that passes my lips into mfp. (My Fitness Pal) Everything outside of my eating plan that is…..

Except for yesterday.

The last few days God has had me taking an honest inventory of the “reality” in my life. The reality of what the scale says, and the reality of what I’m actually consuming food wise. I started a couple of days ago weighing myself every day and yes that’s been hard, but the thought struck me yesterday. IF I’m weighing everyday but I don’t know what I’m eating every day, isn’t that counterproductive?

I gathered it was,

so I put everything I ate into mfp and you know what? I didn’t consume a crazy amount of calories, in fact, I surprised myself. AND I didn’t eat crazy unhealthy foods, I just tended to eat more of good healthy foods, like grilled chicken, vegetables, natural peanut butter

The moral of the story is this…..

What this has taught me is that I need to have a healthy respect for food. Food doesn’t need to be demonized. In fact, for me I know when my thinking about food is off then food becomes more of a controller. I would feel confined by calories and even if still hungry avoid food because I was scared to go over my calories. Because in my mind, going over calories = weight gain and definitely didn’t = loss. But what I’ve learned from yesterday, is that as long as I’m eating healthy and within my nutritional guidelines, it’s ok to have a day where extra calories are consumed. It doesn’t cause weight gain per say. Now several days of eating way over my caloric intake will AND  eating wrong foods (chips, donuts etc) will….

I saw this over the holidays.

Anyway, it’s time to be honest again and really limit the crazy people in my life so that I can avoid another scenario like last summer with crazy bariatric chick

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