Stop the Madness

So as I’ve written about numerous times I have intense anxiety when it comes to weighing. I know it’s stupid because 1) I’ve made the necessary lifestyle changes to warrant weight loss and 2) I eat according to my weight loss goals. So it makes NO logical sense that I should stress about getting on the scale. However, EVERY time I weigh just before I step on the scale I get highly anxious afraid that the scale will not show any loss. I’m not really sure why this is? Perhaps it’s left over fear from years of trying to lose weight and never being able to, I just don’t know. It’s literally EVERY time I weigh, which has been as often as weekly to bimonthly. I get panicky and feel defeated if I don’t notice atleast a 2 lb loss for the week. Which again is stupid because I’ve lost 104 lbs in 12 months, which is pretty amazing!! So yes I need to cut myself a break, but I just don’t.

So I was talking to my husband about this ongoing dilemma and he suggested I weigh daily. I’ve been mulling this over now for 24 hours and I think I will start doing it. I’m going to give it a month and see how I feel about it at the end. My logic for not weighing daily has been 2 reasons: 1)it just seems like a chore 2) a big loss at the end of a week or month is much like opening an unopened present, but that present only gets opened IF there is a loss and it’s turned into a loss “I find acceptable” (again stupid) Sooooo I’m going to give this a shot. Weigh daily and see if it relieves some anxiety. I’m hoping in the long run this will “stop the madness” that is my brain….haha, we’ll see.

Here we go….

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