Goals Revisited


So I am FINALLY back to the weight I was on 1/29/15, on that day I weighed in at 211.4 and then I got a little crazy and switched things up and it did NOT work, in fact, I gained, so to revert back to what worked originally and FINALLY weighing in what I did BEFORE I switched things up makes me uber happy!!! I’m slowly learning what works for my body and how to get my body to lose. For the first time in MONTHS, I don’t feel super controlled by the scale and I think as I get closer to my goal weight that compulsive need to weigh will be less and less. Especially as I feel better. It’s funny how important I thought the number on the scale was, that is until I lost 100 lbs and feel fantastic. Now what’s important is HEALTH…….

On a side-note, one of the only books I read pre-surgery (diet book, if you will) that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone thinking of getting into this fitness journey is called Choose to Lose by Chris Powell, I have a ton of respect for this man. Well I just came across a “time-hop” that I shared a year ago which was a quote from his book, it is: “Today I won’t just aim for my goal. I’ll take action to reach my goal”.

This was a good reminder to re-evaluate what my goals are, so here goes.

  1. To be Healthy, which entails…..coming off BP meds, if possible (of course I’m now learning that genetics play a HUGE role in BP and cholesterol and I may have to tweak this goal to say, IF it’s possible to come off BP meds, OR to be on the lowest dose possible) As I lose weight I’m noticing that my BP is becoming more and more stable. Healthy also means to be off cholesterol meds, something I was on for about 5 years prior. I have been successfully off cholesterol meds since about 6 months post op and I hope to never ever return to them again. I will be retested in May. Again cholesterol is also linked to genetics and sadly I come from a long line of very unhealthy people so I’m hoping to remain OFF of cholesterol meds.
  2. To get away from 200 as much as possible. This is where the “number” becomes slightly important. Originally I was thinking around 157, 157 is ½ of 315 which was my highest weight when I started this journey. Today weighing in at 211 I’m excited to almost be out of the 200s, which I should be by the end of March. Then from there I will reassess the “number”. Ironically, I’m not super committed to 157, I may be healthy and comfortable at 170, I just won’t know until I get there so we’ll see. This process has taught me that the number is less and less important than HEALTH. I’m more interested in getting my body fat % to 20 so I have no idea how that will translate on the scale….this is a new goal.
  3. The size I want to be. So my pant size at the beginning of this journey was a size 22/24-depending on the brand, which was typically Lane Bryant or Cato (the fat girl stores), My waist was roughly 54 and today it’s a 44, I would like to get down to 30, that’s the goal anyway. I’m currently in a size 12 pants and some 14s depending on the brand etc. I’m very happy with this progress and honestly if I top out at size 12 I would be very happy.
  4. And finally I saw this meme, “I don’t diet, I just eat according to my goals.” If you’ve been reading my blog, especially yesterday’s post, you know I’ve been playing around with my nutrition. I’ve had A LOT of outside influence in shaping my nutrition. For the most part it’s been extremely good and helpful. Where I part ways with the person helping me is at counting calories. For 2 weeks I stopped and ate 6 meals, well after gaining and realizing my body doesn’t lose at 1200 calories, I have reverted back to the 5 meals I was losing while eating which puts me between 1000-1180 calories a day. I got lost these last 2 weeks trying to speed up the weight loss process, It did NOT work. After talking to my bariatric program’s dietician yesterday, the fears that I had about stalling out my metabolism and my weight loss would stop and I wouldn’t get under 2000. She assured me that I won’t stall out my metabolism and that eating 1000 to 1100 will cause me to continue to lose weight, but more importantly she said, “Angie you need to stick with what is working for you!!” I guess I just needed to hear that from someone who has a DEGREE in nutrition.

All-in-all I feel extremely happy with my progress to date. Of course I’ll be THRILLED once I’m under 200 lbs and will be screaming it from the rooftops, but in the meantime, I’m very proud of myself!!

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