Excessive Personality be damned!!!!

Excessive personality be damned, that’s what I’m saying today!!

I don’t really know why I struggle so much with an excessive personality, but I do and have for as long as I can remember. Thank God that I never took up drinking or drugs or else my life would look hauntingly different!!

Food has always been my vehicle of excessive and no surgery can or has changed that. It wasn’t until I started to gain weight that I saw the consequences of my excessive eating. That is until last night…..

So my husband was gone and so were my kids. I settled in on the couch with THREE bags of sugar free candies and a dvr full of my favorite shows. I surely wasn’t thinking, also a HUGE problem of mine…..


So as I sat watching my shoes, I was unaware that I was plowing through bags of sugar free candies.

When I bought them, I literally thought I was making the better choice


The consequences of my actions wouldn’t become evident until around 2 am after I had been asleep for 5 hours.

I was jolted awake by crazy noises from my stomach, then a sudden impeding need to run to the bathroom.

Where I would spend the next hour feeling like my stomach was giving birth to an alien baby, oh my goodness it was not pretty or fun!!

Morel of the story?

Mindfulness MUST be practiced at all times when food is entering my mouth. Sitting in front of the TVV eating  is very very bad for me because I zone out and just put food into my mouth….I will NOT lose the ground I’ve obtained over mindless TV eating, nope will not!!

Excessive food addiction is not only bad for our bodies but for our souls as well.

I think the bigger lesson here for me is learning that God is my satisfaction….I”m still trying to grasp this one, but in the meantime I’ve asked my husband to not buy anymore candies for me. They are just to tempting and I eat them, which is not good.

So I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body in the last 24 hours. Some good, some bad, but overall I think positive.

This process is such a learning curve it’s crazy!!

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