Something I am no good at is giving myself grace.

I guess it’s true, at least for me anyway, I am my own worst critic! I always have been, it’s all I’ve ever known. If the scale doesn’t reflect exactly around what I think it should I not only let it dictate my emotions for the rest of the day, I say horrible things to myself in an effort to punish myself mentally, it’s a horrible horrible habit that I’ve gotten into!

In counseling I’ve been really working on trying to think through some of the things that I say to myself. For example, if I think I should hit say 1300 calories burned on the treadmill, but only hit like 1250, I freak out and start thinking of myself in a failure type of light. It’s so stupid I know this logically, but I haven’t made the mind, heart connection…..yet

That is until yesterday.

I think I may be starting to see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel, or I hope so anyway.

So yesterday while I was doing cardio the thought struck me, my cardio goal is one hour, NOT a certain number of calories burned!! About a week ago when I switched to eating 6 meals a day, I was looking back into my fitness pal and noticed that while my caloric intake had gone up, so had my cardio effort by TIME not by CALORIES…..

I don’t know, for some reason this made a big impact on my thinking.

So a week ago when I added that 6th meal, I decided, regardless of how much positive self-talk it would require, I would tell myself (minute by minute if necessary) that the focus is TIME not CALORIES burned

And guess what?

It helped…..tremendously!!!


It was reinforced when I stepped on the scale and was down 5 lbs in a WEEK!!!

So while I don’t want to get lax on thinking it’s ok to eat like a ton more calories in a day, I definitely know now the importance of grace for ourselves

It’s soooooo important to cut ourselves some slack and realize that as long as we are eating right and exercising right, the weight WILL come off, that’s it! Pretty simple really and no negative self-talk required!!

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