To The Haters…..Get over it!!!!

So yesterday was a curious day…

I had someone on FB message me and say, “ hey congrats on all your hard work, you’ve done it without surgery” something to that affect. She had seen my “I lost 100lbs” post and was responding to it. Mind you, I met this gal briefly, ONE time in Houston last summer. My trainer was out of town so she came into the gym to help me out. Super sweet gal, even told me (at that time) that I was choosing to embrace my surgery by working out etc. So I was a bit flabbergasted when she Facebooked me months later, she obviously hadn’t remembered I had surgery. This really bothered me, to the point that I messaged her back and told her I had in fact HAD surgery and that regardless of that I am still busting my butt in the gym 6 days week.

But it REALLY bothered me for much of the rest of the day……to the point that I posted something snotty as a status on my FB.

It’s kind of ironic thinking about it today because I literally JUST talked to my counselor about this very topic on MONDAY. I have been struggling with coming to peace with the fact that I have had surgery, that I somehow couldn’t make the major lifestyle adjustments pre surgery.

Oh trust me, I tried and


And tried

In vain for YEARS!!!!

I grabbed hold of every new fad diet on the market, exercised my hiney off in the gym, but NEVER got anywhere really. Sure I’d lose 10ish pounds here and there, but then immediately gain it back plus some. I was your typical yo yo dieter AND I was the typical uneducated judgmental ass toward people who had bariatric surgery, ugh I was an ugly fat, unhappy person who was constantly hungry and I hated myself.

It was at Christmas 2013 when I saw how successful my sister-in-law had been with the sleeve.

Sure my initial thoughts were things like,

“she took the easy way out”

“why couldn’t she do it on her own”


Yup I was THAT person….

So isn’t it ironic that 1 year and 2 months later I would HAVE the surgery?

I know, right? What a stinking hypocrite I was

So when I made the leap to start looking at the surgery for myself, I hadn’t even thought about my pre thinking, my judgmental thinking toward bariatric patients, instead I pushed forward knowing that if I did it, it would be my LAST attempt at weight loss. It just HAD to work.

The road to surgery, all the decisions to be made, the pre testing and the actual surgery is anything but easy. It’s HARD, very very HARD



No one tells you any of that and you can’t really prepare for it anyway if they did.

The surgery is simply a tool, that’s it…..nothing more

It helps control portion sizes yes, but for me what it really did was 2 things

  • it keeps me from eating the kitchen on a daily basis (something I did regularly because I was starving)
  • it kick starts weight loss, in fact it’s crazy how the fat just melts off you within the first few weeks

What I can tell you, is sure the first 50 lbs were easy, they melted off quickly

BUT the last 50 lbs have been WORK and to think otherwise is ignorant and ridiculous!!!

So absolutely YES it pisses me off when people say things like, “wow you did it without surgery” OR

I’ve seen on another girl’s facebook who has lost 40lbs without surgery….”look at me what I’ve done and I did it WITHOUT surgery”…those statements PISS ME OFF, but I get it because I was there at one point very recently in fact.

There is a HUGE misconception that people like me who have had surgery and are implementing healthy lifestyle changes took the easy way out, let me reassure you that I DID NOT!!!!

I wake up EVERY morning at 3:15 am, eat, go to the gym by 5am, lift weights for 30-40 mins a day, then get on the torture machine that is called the treadmill for ONE HOUR Monday-Saturday this occurs. I have been doing this since March 2014, so the 100lbs that I’ve lost, I’ve worked my ass off for and to say otherwise not only angers me, but makes me not like you very much!!

I know that I have a lot of bariatric followers on here and I absolutely appreciate your support, it helps me daily!!

But now, I want to talk to my bodybuilding/fitness friends….not even sure if you read this but in the unlikelihood that you do, let me say this…..

Your job and hopefully your passion is to see your clients live a healthy lifestyle

If for one client that means bariatric surgery……get over it!!!!

And help that client learn how to eat clean and exercise effectively, so focus on that instead of the surgery, just saying

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