A New Day

While I was in the gym this morning, the thought struck me….I don’t ever want to be stick thin.

You see I was working out on the treadmill when these two new girls hoped on next to me. They are kinda funny to watch really. They come about 5 am and if I don’t get on my treadmill first, they steal it. So I’ve been trying to get done with weights and on my treadmill before them. I know it’s stupid, BUT I figure I’m on the stupid thing for an hour, I want MY treadmill…..

Anyway, these girls, I’m guessing they are young college age girls because they look young. They crack me up. The shorter girl is always imitating what the taller girl does. For example, they’ll start out at the same speed on the treadmill and as the taller one increases her incline, so does the other one. If the taller girl starts running, so does the shorter girl. They just crack me up. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb is what they remind me of.

It’s probably because I’m on my treadmill for an hour and enjoy the entertainment.  I chuckle on the inside while I observe them.

Anyway, it struck me today, while watching these two stick figures that there was a time when I wanted my body to look like that. Skinny, no muscle tone etc. I tried for years to starve myself to look exactly like they do today.

I even worried that after I started losing weight I would make that sickly skinny look my standard. I was worried enough about it that I started counseling thinking I had an underlying eating disorder….

Thank God, I don’t and this is no longer my standard!!!

So the thought stuck me…..

I’ve really come full circle…

I like my body.

I like the beginning of muscle definition I see, but not only that….

As I looked in the mirror watching these two girls do some form of an exercise with weights.

I took a hard look at my body.

Is it perfect?


Far from it….

I still have ample stomach fat that I’m hoping will disappear as I get closer to my goal weight.

BUT that ample tummy fat which is now my problem area, housed two miracle babies 12 years ago.

The scar behind my ear on the back of my head, is from brain surgery at an all too young age of 27.

I’ll never be stick thin model and that’s absolutely OK with me today….

Today, I am striving to be at a healthy weight, to be off of BP meds and to be strong. I think women who are strong are beautiful.

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