Man Crush Monday

** note I wrote this blog post yesterday to be posted today, BEFORE I read my husband’s beautiful Facebook post**

So today is Monday and I want to dedicate today’s blog post to my MCM (Man Crush Monday), my husband.

You may think that’s stupid but this man deserves at least a full post worthy praise for all he’s put up with in our marriage…..let me begin

The first time I met Jeff was in 1996 when I was 21. All I really remember about our first meeting was this silly looking long haired hippy boy who was sitting on my parent’s living room floor Indian style while he played his guitar for our church’s young adult meeting. I remember thinking “who is this hippy tree loving weirdo” I’m sure he had plenty of thoughts about me, this is just my first memory of him.

Fast forward about 5 years when I was home from college, working at our church’s office (yes we attended the same church, hence it’s how we met) It was during this first summer at home that I would really start to get to know Jeff as a friend. He was still a long haired guitar playing weirdo, but he was now a close friend. As the summer progressed, I started liking him as more than a friend. I was drawn to his loyalty to his friends and his love for Jesus. Long story short, he wasn’t interested in me in that way, but God had another plan. After a few months, Jeff and I started a relationship that a couple of weeks later we were engaged. Six months after that we were married on Sept 39, 2000. 6 months after our wedding, I went to a doctor for headaches that were worsening and becoming more constant. It was revealed that I had a benign brain tumor, after months of doctoring we finally had an answer, while we were dealing with my brain, I had another doctor telling me that I would never become naturally pregnant without drug intervention. My brain surgeon was saying Do NOT get pregnant, so we figured it was a mute point……

We found out I was pregnant after I suffered a grand mal seizure in Nov. 2001, the timeline for brain surgery was pushed up to be done as soon as I delivered my child. The pregnancy was high risk, which meant I was confined to the bed or the couch.

Now while I was dealing with all this crazy health stuff, Jeff was right there beside me, sometimes working 2 jobs since I couldn’t work anymore. If he wasn’t able to take me to a doctor’s appointment, he was on the phone trying to find someone who could. He graciously would take me to the ER in the evenings if I were having a migraine or my unstable BP needed to be checked. He rarely complained but made sure me and our baby was taken care of.

So when I went to a routine baby appoint on June 25, 2002, even though he had to work, when he received the call that our baby was in distress and she was being delivered 6 weeks early, he rushed to be by my side. The normally 1 ½ hour car trip from his work to the hospital took him all of 30 mins. He arrived in time for the C-section.

He was by my side 4 months later when I was wheeled into the operating room to remove the benign brain tumor and he was there when I woke up after surgery. He sat by my bed for the 10 days I remained in the hospital.

Fast forward from 2002-2009 (yes there’s a ton more life stuff in those years, but I’d have to write a book and this is a blog post)

I suffered a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage on Dec. 3, 2009. When I felt the searing fire and heard the pop in my head, I screamed for Jeff who came rushing into the room, he called 911 and watched me drift in and out of consciousness. He didn’t leave my side for the crucial 24 hours after a person has a stroke and he was at the hospital every night for the month I was in the hospital.

Throughout all of these health crisis and 2 pregnancies, Jeff watched my 180 lb. body balloon up to 315. Never once did he ever say to me, “hey you need to lose weight” He ALWAYS made me feel beautiful with his words. Even when I felt fat & ugly, he just wouldn’t hear it. He’s always been very cautious with is words to and toward me, something I greatly admire about him.

I remember when I was researching bariatric surgery reading about marriages that hadn’t survived the patient’s surgery and weight loss. I remember thinking, Jeff and I had already weathered a lifetime of storms.

Sure we have problems, what marriage doesn’t?

But Jeff has always been my biggest advocate, supporter and fan. He’s a man that I could never have dreamed existed and still have to pinch myself he chose me.

There are not many men who would walk through the health battles we’ve dealt with and remain faithful to their spouse or to their marriage. But Jeff has and I am thankful to God every day for this amazing man I call my husband. So today’s Man Crush Monday is dedicated to my incredible husband!!

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