The Fear of Nutrition

am literally AMAZED today as I stand on the verge of another BIG shift in my nutrition. I’m humbled as I look back over my diary records in my fitness pal. Something by the way, if you aren’t using you should because it helps keep a record of your weight loss and food. It’s a wonderful tool! Anyway, as you all know by now I had bariatric surgery last Feb. I’m still amazed at the bariatric community’s inability to really educate their clients about nutrition. I mean I get that they are working with the morbidly obese and that most people want to do the bare minimum to achieve the greatest results. I get it. I just HATE that this is the fact. I guess I should just be thankful that I’ve never fallen into that category….I digress…..

So exercise has never been my problem. My problem and why I had gained a ton of weight has been nutrition. I just had no clue about proper nutrition and sadly I wasn’t being educated by my bariatric program. Thankfully, I knew very early on that the ½ cup of food they recommend I just couldn’t survive on. I feel like in the bariatric world nutrition is to be feared. After all, we are fat from overeating. Sure that’s very very true, BUT most of us are fat because we had eaten the wrong foods. Bariatric surgery now just restricts the amount of those foods that made us fat in the first place. So people continue to eat the wrong foods and lose because now they aren’t eating as much.

I was one of those people…..

I didn’t even realize I was one of those people until today as I looked back over my fitness pal food diary. I went as far back as July 2014. I was only eating 4 meals a day and those meals consisted of several Quest bars a day, yogurt, pretzels, ranch dressing, no fruits, no vegetables and very poor quality protein. It’s no stinkin wonder my weight loss completely stalled 7 months post op. Sure the bariatric world would tell you that a weight loss stall is completely normal around this time. And to a point I agree with them. Your body has lost a massive amount of weight up until this point and it needs a breather. BUT I can say that my nutrition was severely lacking!!!

I didn’t know what to do at this point. I started thinking about “dieting” specifically carb cycling….

I was desperate.

Thankfully, God answered my prayer for help.

He sent a person into my life who helped guide me into the next step of this journey.

She recommended I start eating real food.

Good protein, veggies, clean carbs….

So I started on Oct. 8, went from 4 meals a day to 5…. I was terrified, I’ll be honest.

I was so afraid that I would gain!!

But in the first 7 days I lost 9 lbs!!!.

NINE, that was more than I had lost in months….

By the end of the month of Oct. I had lost 14 lbs!!!

I started to see the absolute importance of nutrition.

To the point that if I ever went back to college, nutrition is the degree I would get!!

So today as I transition from 5 meals a day to 6, I was battling the old demon of fear, but looking back over my records and seeing the shift in my weight loss I am excited about this next chapter.

Today, I declare that I will NO LONGER fear food.

I will no longer buy into the stigma that if you eat you will gain (this is imbedded in the bariatric world)

Remember if you eat the WRONG foods, you will gain. You will NOT gain from eating clean food.

It’s a hard shift, but if you are reading this and you’ve thought about making that shift, I urge you to really do it!! You will not only feel amazing but you will see your goals a lot quicker!!

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