Find what works for YOU!!!!!

OK so I have been notoriously known to change my ideas, goals etc based on the latest and greatest scheme known to man. It’s not something that I’m proud of, it just was how I was. That is until very recently.  You see when I started this weight loss journey and decided early on that I would have to approach nutrition and exercise totally different than the bariatric community, I was a bit lost for months. While I was learning how to lift weights, my nutrition was CRAP and I hit my first major stall about 5 months post op., I was not only devastated I felt lost. Thankfully, I was eating every 3 hours (granted NOT good food choices) so my metabolism wasn’t totally shot, but I felt lost. I had been hanging on every ounce of advice from my trainer and clung to his logic that I didn’t need to do cardio, just needed to lift heavy. So I lifted heavy all summer and while the scale didn’t move, the inches were flying off my body. It was weird, but I went with it. I knew that once we got home I would start doing cardio again. Of course, I didn’t really know WHAT to do for cardio or WHAT foods to eat.

Until God literally answered my prayer for guidance and He allowed a friend to make great food and exercise suggestions. So I began putting her suggestions into place and within that first month of making those changes I lost 16lbs….It was crazy inspiring. For the first time, I could really see the importance of nutrition. So I continue to implement her suggestions on a daily basis. I have found that this really works well for my body…..eating clean, lifting weights and an hour of cardio a day.

So what’s my point of this post?

Back to my original thought… always chasing after the latest fitness advice…..

So on Jan 1 of this year, I thought I would switch up my lifting and cardio schedule. See originally, I would get up, have a protein shake, lift weights and then do cardio. Well I get the bright idea to do “fasted” cardio which basically means you do cardio on an empty stomach, you can have water but that’s it. I tried it to 2 weeks, but I was finding that I was very weak and not able to get through my hour of cardio and then I was losing my interest in lifting weights because I felt so weak after killing myself doing cardio. Fasted cardio is the new big thing in the bodybuilding world.

And since I was doing fasted cardio, I was doing cardio for 2 hours a day, killing myself….I was spent….

Then it hit me….


I’m NOT trying to be a bodybuilder. I’m trying to get to a healthy weight and live a healthy life!!!!!

I had forgotten these were my original goals back in November 2013 when I was considering bariatric surgery.

Sure I learned to lift weights and follow many bodybuilders on Facebook. I’ll be honest, I have so much admiration and respect for bodybuilders that had my life been different 20 years ago perhaps I would have gotten involved in that sport. But today at 40, I’m really not interested.

So that leads me back to today’s discovery…..

As I switched up my routine back to what it originally was….eat, lift, cardio, homeschool. I realize this works well for my life and therefore why mess with what works?

So the moral of the story?

Find what works for you and DO NOT waiver!

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