So as I approach my one year surgery date, I thought I would write about the biggest downside I’ve experienced thus far……my boobs

Now granted I figured I would need a tummy tuck once I’ve lost 158lbs. after all my stomach has always been my biggest flaw, plus I HATE HATE HATE ab work so I’ve postponed doing much until, well this week. My goal from day one has been to avoid a full body lift. I know this is a common plastic surgery procedure for bariatric patients and it is something I will not contemplate, hence the reason I started lifting weights at 6 weeks post op and continue to to this day, 6 days a week. Sure it has helped immensely. In fact, I’m weighing in at 217 and in a size 12 pants. I know this is a result of lifting weights. Heck, I lost more tha 12 inches in my waist this summer working out at a bodybuilding gym. So it really is true that muscle takes up less space than fat. I see it in my clothes. I haven’t been a size 12 since high school, so I know it works…..

The biggest causality by far as been my boobs…..

I can’t say I’ve been sad to see them go from a 54DD to a 40C, which is great and my back is thankful BUT I still have about 60 more pounds to lose which will probably result in a B cup, which is also ok, but right now the girls sag almost to my belly button, which is what I hate the most. So I will probably end up with a breast lift when it’s all said and done.

The moral to the story?

Boobs……they are basically fat lumps sitting on your chest and as you lose weight they are usually the first major and long lasting casualty

Now you know J

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